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 Beautiful Wailea Maui at the NEW Wailea Village 100 Wailea Iki Rd. 

(take the 3rd. left from Monkeypod or going Mauka ( Toward the mountains) take the first right at Manolos




























Artist Philip Sabado has been influenced by many European artists that were well known in the early 1900s, amongst them is Alphonse Mucha

from Prague. His fame was rooted in the Art-Nouveaux tradition

that heralded the romantic era. We see how the artists have centered the

Goddess as a statement of her influence and love for

her people.

Sabado has masterfully woven the shapes and imprints of the

birds into the reflection of a golden moon.. not a silver moon?

The gold was chosen as a nouveau statement and to exemplify

her being a Goddess. Look above her hands to see the shape of the canoe encases her form and at her feet are the Koa leaves. It is the pecking of the birds on the koi tree that will determine if

that wood or tree is worthy of creating a canoe, by the

pecking of the Elepaio. Only the Elepaio bird will reveal this.

Her stance is strong and she is focused on her people and

their voyaging.


Lea-ka-wahine: Another name for Lea

Ku-moku-hali'i: "Ku who bedecks the island"; canoe builders chief god; husband of Lea; also Mokuhali'i 


In early Hawaiian society, there was always

the Kalai wa‘a (canoe carver). This kahuna held the knowledge of the

complex plans for building a canoe. With this information,

plentiful amounts of fish could be carried as a warring

army to battle.

Kamehameha I is said to have relied on nearly a hundred

kahuna Kalai wa‘a in the building of his massive Peleleu

 (double-hulled war canoe) the fleet that assisted in his

plan to unify the Hawaiian Islands.

These kahunas knew the forests well and used clues

from nature in selecting the right tree for a canoe.

One such sign was the ‘elepaio, a bird that would alight

on all-koa trees but peck only on those that were

not sound. One traditional Hawaiian mo‘olelo speaks of the

canoe goddess Lea who at the death of her favored child buries him. From that spot arose the ‘Elepaio' (bird) that

would assist all canoe builders to come.  

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Our Wailuku location is:

1980 Main St #1 Wailuku, Maui   808-242-6762

Children's & Adult art classes

 & artist seminars, life drawing every Thursday 

6-9 pm, live model for the drawing session.

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Artist Philip Sabado resides and paints

on the island of Maui. 

 "On every creative project, I strive to create a body of work that is beautiful and connects

with the Hawaiian Spirit"

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