Kaiser Permanente Hawaii

Kaiser Moanalua 3 Floor Art Installation

The Hawaii Ocean Triptych are three paintings that show the different depths of Hawaii’s Ocean.

From the shallow reefs, to the outer reefs edge, and the abyss of the deep blue ocean, these paintings

illustrate an eco system of balance in nature. For generations the people of Hawaii have long

known this knowledge of different depths of their ocean and its 

unique purposes for their livelihood and

sustainability.  The Olelo  (Hawaiian words) of each depth are the following:

Kaheka – Shallow reef ~  Lau papa - Reefs Edge  ~ Hohonu – Deep Ocean

“My mission as an artist is to weave personal expressions about nature, and its relationship with mythology

and people into my work. My hope is these paintings will transport you to a time before the written word, when

stories were passed down through the generations by the breath of the storyteller’s. I trust through this art you will make

                                    the connection of all life forces that made up the ancient world and wonders of Hawaii”.~

Mahalo Nui Loa,



Kaiser​ Headquarters

A collection of modern and contemporary pieces designed for Kaiser's HQ office on Oahu.

This collection features watercolor artworks with gold leaf embellishments.

Mother Baby Floor (Neo Natal Clinic)

Moana Lua


This project is currently in it’s initial phase. Images are preliminary concepts and will be refined and completed in later stages.


Please look forward to further progress and updates!  

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Artist Philip Sabado resides and paints

on the island of Maui. 

 "On every creative project, I strive to create a body of work that is beautiful and connects

with the Hawaiian Spirit"

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