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Saint Francis Hospital

"I am proud to present St. Damien and now Blessed Mother Marianne to the world. In this mural, I was able to portray Mother Marianne surrounded by those that not only celebrated her but also continued her legacy."

                                                    -Philip B. Sabado

Photos detailing the progression of the mural from the early pencil stages, base color washes, to the final completed installation.​

This mural graces the lobby of Saint Francis Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii. Philip Sabado captures the essence and spirit of Blessed Mother Marianne, now canonized and known to all as Saint Marianne. When first asked to join Father Damien in Molokai, her response was, "I am hungry for this work."


It was Saint Damien's fervent wish and constant prayers that the Sisters would one day join him in his mission to serve God and man. The place where they served was Kalaupapa, Molokai. They would be at his bedside after only being there in Molokai for seven months before he passed.


The St. Francis Healthcare System of Hawaii, formally known as the St. Francis Hospital embraces this concept of caring from both St. Damien and St. Marianne Cope's example; both gave their lives in service to the creator, and to the Hawaiian people.